Beard Oil Brush by Can You Handlebar


This Beard Oil Brush was sent to me by Can You Handlebar for the purpose of using it with there beard oil and for review. I have to say that this brush Is different then others I have used in the past but we will get into that latter.



The Beard OIl Brush comes in a 4oz stainless steel tin with what I call a friction lid that just slides off. I like this touch of putting it in a tin as it makes it easy to transport without messing up the bristles. The tin also provides a place to put the brush to prohibit dust and other pollutants from settling on it and in turn into your beard.



The handle is made of oak with what I’m guessing is a CNC logo that ensures you won’t ever forget who made it, as well as providing a little grip. The handle is 2.8 inches in all directions (its a circle after all). I’m thinking that since the wood is oak it should gain character the more you use it due to getting a bit of a patina.



The Bristles are Horsehair. The horse hair is much stiffer then I thought it would be and did a good job of pushing through my beard hair without much backing to do so.  I contacted Can You Handlebar and they assured me that the maker of this brush only uses companies that are humane to there horses. Horsehair is harvested when doing normal grooming on the horse’s mane and tail.


My Experience: 

When I first got the beard brush the bristles kinda smelled like hay or straw. This smell went away within a day or two of use even without using a product with it. I didn’t mind the scent as I like how straw and hay smell and it wasn’t overpowering.  The bristles although are a bit stiffer they manage to still be soft on the skin and not scratch through the beard.

The beard brush doesn’t have a conventional handle, more of just a palm grip. I’m perfectly ok with that as I’m not a huge fan of handles. I just don’t think they are needed on a beard brush. Plus those of you that care about the environment, it uses less wood as well. I found it to be very comfortable in the had as well due to its size and thickness of the handle. I used the Brush on its own as well as with there recommendation of with the beard balm and beard oil. I really found it handy to use with the beard balm as it helped keep the mess down.  I only had one or two bristles fall out since I got it. there were a couple of longer bristles on the bottom of the brush when I received it but that was no big deal to snip off with scissors. I could have left them and they would have not been an issue at all.


This brush is all American sourced and made. I can say that it has the Quality of what you used to think of when you heard USA made. Due to this fact it does have a bit higher price tag then what id like to see coming in at $25 USD. My optimum price would be 5-7 dollars less however with its quality and the included tin I think it’s still a great buy and a great brush to add and use to your beard care routine. Get the brush by itself or in a kit below!

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Beard Brush $25

Beard kit / Joy $40
Beard kit / Wisdom $40
Beard kit / Devotion  $40
Beard kit / Temperance  $40
Beard Kit / Animated  $40
Beard kit / Initiative  $40
Beard kit / Goodwill $40


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