Best Holiday Gifts for Men 2021

Christmas is fastly approaching and that means it’s time to start thinking about what to get the guys in your life, whether it’s a best friend, brother, father, boyfriend, or husband I’m confident that one of these items will be a practical gift they will love.


In the past years, more and more Men have been slimming their wallets and realizing how a minimalist wallet can improve their back and leave more room in their pockets.


 Ridge Wallet is a very popular and highly rated option that gives the sense of security that your cards won’t be scanned due to its RFID blocking abilitys. Available in a few different colors and with a full lifetime guarantee You are sure to find one he will like. 


If Leather is more his thing Bullway sells a fairly slim wallet for the guy that doesn’t carry much but the essentials. Also available in many colors, this wallet is also RFID Blocking for security.




We all have phones that tell time nowadays however we tend to be on them more than we would like. One way to mitigate that is by wearing a stylish and simple watch and leave the phone in the pocket.


I really enjoy wearing my durable and affordable Timex Expedition. The Expedition comes in several models and colors at several price points. I chose the Scout for its simplicity, however, I would also suggest checking out the scout chronograph for a bit more sophisticated look with a few more features.


If you would like a more expensive watch for special occasions then I would suggest the Model DZ7398 by Diesel with a 10mm case and stainless steel band its sure to class up any man’s wrist. 





Pocket Knife

All Gentlemen should have a knife in their pocket as they come in handy and it’s always better to be prepared for anything. 


On the budget-friendly side of pocket knives, I have really liked the Gerber Para-frame with a fine edge however it’s also available with a serrated edge as well its light and easy to handle even with gloves on. 



If your looking for something of a bit higher quality and over the 50$ range Id suggest the Kershaw Blur. This pocket knife has a 3.4-inch stainless bade with a griped handle for easy use.


Gerber Paraframe

Kershaw Blur


As simple as it may seem many guys have a hard time buying themselves a quality everyday belt. A lot of what we get ourselves are cheap belts with plastic coating to help them look nice.. at least temporarily. I find that the best belts are just leather and metal.


Main street Forge has just that being Made in the USA they still make them like they used to and come with a lifetime warranty! made with full-grain leather none of this “genuine leather” junk they sell at big box stores. The bootlegger is a great-looking and stylish leather belt at a very affordable price.


For a more tactical belt, Jukmo has a heavy-duty work belt with a quick-release upgrade and is made of 100% nylon for a long-lasting fit.

Head Wear

Men are simple and find joy in simple items that do their job well. Hats usually make us happy when they are comfortable and either keep the sun out of our eyes or keep our heads nice and warm on those chilly winter days. 


I would suggest a Carhartt  Beanie that any man would trust to keep his head warm in winter. Carhartt makes quality products that last. Made in the USA


For the man in warmer weather or that already has a good beanie, you can always go with a classic Fitted Cap. Flex fit has many colors and options to choose from I personally like the black




There are things men hate to spend money on, one of those things is socks. Don’t ask me why we hate spending money on something we wear every day because we just do. Now, this may not be a good gift as a solo or main gift however paired with other stuff they make a great addition.



I’m a fan of over-the-calf socks myself however there are of course the standard crew socks.



I like dickies products as they are made to withstand hard work and the same goes for their socks


Over the Calf


Grooming Products


Being primarily a male grooming product reviewer I have some experience in the next products as I have used and reviewed them after a 30 day use period. You can find all the reviews on my Youtube channel. 

Mustache Wax

Mustache wax is an important product to any man that wants to style or just have the best-looking mustache he can. I have included a couple of different waxes as there are some really good ones out there. These would be my top picks in no particular order off amazon.


First up is Firehouse. With 3 color options to match the mustache. Firehouse is one of the strongest hold waxes there is. Made by a fireman for work conditions in small batches for nothing but the best of quality.


Death Grip is another very strong hold mustache wax with several first-place championships under its tin lid. Death grip is made by vintage grooming and also has all-natural ingredients.


Vintage grooming makes several Mustache waxes and if your looking for a medium hold check out Barebones it’s an easy-to-apply medium hold wax that complements the stronger hold waxes very well. 


The fourth wax Im putting on this list is two waxes as I think if you buy one you should buy the other because they make a wonderful team. Can You Handlebar makes a medium wax and a stronghold wax (primary and secondary) and when used together you’re sure to get a great styled mustache. 



Death Grip

Bare Bones

Can You Handlebar

Beard Care

Just Like women need to take care of their hair Men need to take care of their Beards. I have used many products and here is a couple that stand out that any man is sure to enjoy. 


We as men like all in one solution that’s why I have included Man wash BHB (beard, Hair, Body) from Gibs to this list as any man will like the tea tree scent, and it’s available in a full Liter so he won’t have to think about running out anytime soon. 

Beard oil is essential for a healthy beard. 


WSP makes one of the best I have used. With the scent of garlic tweed, it absorbs quickly to not leave the beard looking or feeling oily. 


For beard control, I have yet to find a balm as good as Bossman’s Beard Pomade. This pomade will get even the worst beard flyways under control and with a selection of manly scents, there are several great options to choose from.

Heading Title

WSP Beard Oil

Bossman Beard Pomaide


We all have hair that needs to be removed, whether it’s a face shave, Head shave, or even as we get older ear and nose hair removal. these three products are sure to make that chore a bit easier to accomplish. 


One of the leaders in head-shaving is Head Blade. going through several models since 1999 they have perfected head shaving with the Moto. I have personally used this razor for years and its ease to use makes  head shaving a breeze.


Remington Has been in the shaver game for a very long time and the NE3150B WETech trimmer is a great simple shaver for those hard-to-reach areas in the nose and ears, heck it even comes with an eyebrow trimmer. It’s the little hairs that can make or break a guy from looking his best. 


One of the first safety razors I got when I started to use them was the QShave adjustable. This razor is a great option for someone looking at getting into safety razors and ditching disposables. The adjustable feature allows a new shaver to figure out the preferred aggressiveness of a shave that they prefer. The kit I have included is a great start in both green shaving and the world of double edge razors. 

HeadBlade Moto

Remington trimmer

QSHAVE Double Edge

Gizmoes and Gadgets

What do you get the guy that already has these things or doesn’t need them? Well, that’s when You get a gizmo or gadget! We as guys love oddities or specialized things and often times something we really don’t need, so maybe one of these will fit the guy on your list this Christmas. 

Whisky glass set


Grill Set

Dewalt Combo Kit

Best Holliday Gifts for Men in 2021

I hope that no matter who the Man is you looking for a gift for that this list has helped you Pick or find the perfect one for Him this Christmas. If you decide to get a grooming product but are not sure about what ones he may like check out My playlists on YoutTube to find just the right one for Him. if you have any questions feel free to message me on my social pages. thanks for looking through this list and hope You have a very merry Christmas.