Gentleman Jon Shave Soap Review


Gentleman Jon Shave Soap is a simple all natural shave soap with just four ingredients and a scent. The Ingredients are vegetable glycerin, coconut and palm oil. The scent I picked up was sandalwood, which I found out is the only scent that they currently offer. Sandalwood has a strong woody base and a hint of floral. Strong but not overpowering at all. During my month’s use, I found that a dryer brush made for a better lather with this soap, where a wetter brush made a sudsy lather which I don’t prefer, However its easy to get the lather back in the bowl and continue to stir it to make a good smooth lather. This shave soap does not take long to fill your brush and bowl with a good lather even if you’re starting with a brush that’s to wet.

With its mid-range price tag and very simple packaging of plastic and a sticker. I had this soap sitting waiting to be used for a few months before I actually got it out. Honestly, I thought it was going to be a lower grade item and that it might need some shave oil under it.  Boy was I wrong!! this soap has a slick feel and a great lather. It also does not leave any residue on your skin so its easy to clean off any access without the need to hop back in the shower. If you would like to see my video review of this product it is linked below.

PRICE: $7.99 

Pick yourself up some gentleman Jon shave soap in the link below.



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