Head Shave Club Beard Oil Review


I have been using the beard oil by the head shave club for right around 30 days.

Head Shave Clubs beard oil comes in a 1oz glass container with your typical beard oil dropper. It has a rather light scent and it’s definitely more of a clean scent than anything, it doesn’t have a defined scent. It has a very nice light scent that shouldn’t cover up any other scent profile that you’re currently wearing when you use it.

Like all the beard oils I apply this right after I get out of the shower, applying it to a very damp goatee/beard to help the oils soak into the skin pores as well as the hair as it drys.

The ingredients are a very simple list,  sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, and it is scented with premium grade essential oils.

My experience using the Head Shave Club Beard Oil over the last month was a pretty good one. Since its summer my goatee dries out a bit faster than it normally would so I’ve been using right about one and a half droppers on it each use.  I have to say that I like the fact that it doesn’t leave any oil looking residue but it leaves the Goetee looking nice and healthy. the Oil Left the beard feeling nice and soft after a couple of days of usage. 

Is it worth your money?? I think the beard oil by the Head Shave club is worth your money. The price runs right about the same as the most other beard oil does right around that $15 range. If your thinking of trying the Head Shave Club any way and your Bearded  I highly suggest going ahead and throwing this in with your order because well you’ll get a razor, shave gel, and a nice a beard oil to go along with it. 

Price $15 USD at the time of review

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