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AS many of you might have noticed that I have reviewed a few products from Badger Balm, The Reasoning? well, simple they keep supplying products for me to review. They have sent several boxes and I am glad for them. My contact over there is Jentri Jollimore she is the Digital Marketing Manager for Badger. Let me tell you every time I send off an email no matter what it’s about I am always surprised about how quickly she gets back to me. From what I have seen and heard from other people it sounds like all the customer service department at badger is like that. After I review Products I send a follow-up Email to the company with a link to there review and either I get thanks for the review or no response back, well not with Jentri she sent me a thank you email with an offer to send more products. I have had a couple companies really get behind the channel but Non so far that have come close to Badger. Jentri is such a good person that she Agreed to do an interview so I sent her off a few questions and this is what she had to say

Q. How long Have you worked at Badger Balm and did you start out in the position you have? 

A. This is my 10th year working for Badger Balm. I started out in 2008 as part time website management, and within about a year I was marketing manager. My job has evolved over the years, encompassing social media, ecommerce, the Badger Blog, email communications, and basically all things Badger digital. There was a couple of years that I traveled around as Badger’s product expert and educator, but I was still doing a lot of social media and blog work. So as much as I enjoyed meeting folks in person on the road while educating them about Badger, ultimately I wanted to focus my energy on our digital communications and ecommerce.

Q. What is the Best part of working there?

A. Hands down: the free freshly-made organic lunches that Badger provides. (The other day it was mac and cheese!)  

Q. Whats it like working at badger compared to other places you have worked?

A. Badger is very mindful about the ways in which we do business. From sourcing raw materials, to sales and marketing, to shipping the products out the door Badger is always living our mission and principles. So here in the marketing realm of Badger for example, we don’t refer to people as “targets” – we refer to them as fellow Badgers. (As someone who has tried our stuff and like it, you’re a fellow Badger too!)

A. There’s a level of care taken here that I hadn’t really experienced in corporate life before. We have “health” days, which can be used to maintain our mental and physical heath, as opposed to “sick” days (which traditionally are only to be used when you are physically sick). New moms and dads can bring their babies to work for the first 6 weeks after maternity or paternity leave – I definitely hadn’t experienced that before! There are a lot of differences, but really it all comes back to being a mindful community member and earth citizen – not just “do no harm,” but also give back and do good.  

Q. Whats the best part of your job?  

A. Talking to folks like you! Seriously, the best part of my job is that I get to interact with Badger fans all over the world. And while social media can be a mean place sometimes, Badger has a solid group of loving, supportive folks who not only support the brand but each other. If I’m not there to answer a question on Instagram for example (I generally take Sundays away from the internet, including work), generally another Badger fan will engage with the person in a positive and meaningful way by answering their question from their own experience using the product. That’s been my goal for Badger’s social media – to create an online community that mirrors our internal community here at Badger. And by those metrics I’ve succeeded because engaging with our fans is truly the best part of my job, because they’re all awesome people.

Q. I saw on the website there is a garden on site does the employees take care of it or is there a dedicated person? 

A. We generally have one or two dedicated folks, but they will work in the building as well. The last couple of years it’s been Heidi, who also works in our fulfillment department.

Q. I also see there is an Organic lunch every day are the veggies all from the garden on site?

A. We use as much as we can from the garden, but our kitchen feeds 80-100 people a day in the summer, which includes a full salad bar with every lunch. So we do supplement produce with organic produce ordered through our distributor.

Q. On the site I also see you have workshops. What workshop in 2018 are you looking forward to the most?

A. Backyard compost building! There’s really much more to composting than you’d think.

Q. With there being so many options to pick what is your favorite product that Badger makes and why? 

A. The Damascus Rose Face Oil has been my go-to since its release in 2011. I can’t ever imagine not using it – it’s luxurious and hydrating, it smells divine, and the price is so reasonable considering the quality of ingredients and packaging. That’s me as a consumer talking, by the way – even if I didn’t work for Badger I’d say the same thing.

A close second is our flagship product Badger Balm for Hardworking Hands. I got turned on to this product back in 2000 when I owned a bagel bakery. My hands were in rough shape from constant washing, sanitizing, as well as handling dough, cardboard – all the things that come along with owning your own business. My hands did everything! Fellow bakers recommended super-gluing the cracks in my thumbs closed (that was common), but that sounded awful to me. So I went to my local natural foods store at the time (shoutout: Roots Natural Foods in Leominster, MA) and the owner showed me this tin with a cartoon Badger on it. I liked that it was all food ingredients and it was local, so I dropped the whole $8 on the tin. It worked so well that when I eventually closed my business I moved up to New Hampshire with a notion of working for this quirky company. Luckily for me, it worked and here I am.  

Q. Can you tell us about any future products in the making you are excited about?

A. Well here at Badger we have what we call “product champions” – someone on-staff who basically “badgers” our product develop department for a product. I’ve been wanting a cold cream – basically like a thick cleansing cream for the face. It’s an old-timey product, and there aren’t many options out there – let alone with organic ingredients! So a few years back our PD department made an amazing Damascus Rose Cold Cream and gave me a sample. Since then I’ve been championing HARD for this product. I know they’re working on it, but it’s probably a few years out. But I’m definitely most excited for that prospect.

Other than that I’ve been pretty excited about the new sunscreens we just released with clear zinc oxide. They’re really nice, and not whitening so they work with my skin tone better.

Q. Badger uses top ingredients from all over the world, If you could visit one of the supplying country’s where would you go?

A. OH that’s a great question!!! I think it would have to be Bulgaria for the annual rose harvest. Our organic rose essential oil comes from there. Every spring around the time of the rose harvest there are colorful celebrations for all things rose. I’m pretty sure it’s heaven on earth. But I’m a big giant rose nerd. Here’s a post I recently wrote for the Badger Blog:

now for a few questions about your thoughts on 30dayreviews

Q. What do you look for when working with content creators such as myself?

A. I look for authenticity and a clear point of view. Anyone can give opinions on stuff, and I think we’ve hit critical mass as far as random online opinions go. What I like is folks like yourself who put products through their paces. Because let’s face it: we’ve all had times when we try something and we like it at first, but over time we might not like it as much – and vice versa.

I want to be able to refer people to reviews so they don’t have to take our word for it. We believe in the products we make – but people can be distrustful of companies. So it makes it easier for me to be able to refer folks to you for a thorough, honest review. It’s also why we don’t pay people for #ad on social media. (I know lots of companies that have a lot of success with different ambassador programs, and I’m definitely not knocking other companies approaches. It’s just not how we operate.) I’m into quality of reviews – not necessarily huge reach, so paying for #ad posts doesn’t appeal to our methods.   

Q. What do you Like about the way I do my reviews

A. I like the whole concept – 30 days of dedicated use, one honest review. I think that’s a fresh take, considering a lot of content creators take the opposite approach.

Q. How do you think I could improve in the way I do my reviews?

A. I think a solid backdrop might be nice – sometimes I find myself looking to see what’s on your shelf instead of paying close attention to the review. 😉 Your lighting is good, but lighting can always be better and it really makes the difference in videos for me, I don’t know why.

These are just minor suggestions – I’m a big fan!

Q. What other products of badgers would you Like to see my review?

A. I think you’d enjoy testing our utility balms: Badger Balm, Foot Balm, maybe some outdoor stuff? I see you do a lot on your channel!

Q. is there anything else you would like to add? 

A. I think that about covers it!

Thank You Jentri for participating in this Q&A I figured you would send back some great answers but this is just amazing!

Not only has badger been great to collaborate with but they have some great products for a fair price. If you would like to Learn more about badger you can click HERE  and of course, if you want to shop Badger check out their WEBSITE where you can use code  30DAYREVIEWS – 15% off total order (One-time use per customer). By the way, this code will always be good!

Don’t forget to go and check out all the products from Badger that I have reviewed you can find them HERE.

thanks for checking out this blog and I hope you enjoyed the read.

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