Lucky Franc’s Complete Wet Shaving Kit


In this review, we take a look at the Lucky Francs Complete Wet Shaving Kit what was sent to me for a review. I have to say right away that I liked using this shave kit during the usage period. I liked some of the items so much that I’m still currently using them at the time of posting this, A few months after I did the initial review.


Lucky Francs did a great job with the packaging and presentation of this shaving kit. The box is sized so that everything fits well. He puts black tissue paper around it all so that everything is separated to keep everything separated and prevent scratches during shipping. The tissue paper being black it really ties the whole unboxing experience together.

The Kit:

This kit includes a De razor,  shave soap, shave bowl, shave brush, and 5 Razor Blades it really is a complete wet shaving kit. I Have individual Reviews for the De Razor, Shave Soap, and the Shave Brush. Only Two things I could see that would be a bonus would be a stand for the brush and razor as well as some aftershave, however, both are not necessary to shave properly.

The two products I did not do a review on are below, the reason they didn’t get a review is that there isn’t much to say about them and so I figured it was acceptable to mention them in this review instead.

Razor blades: This Kit came with 5 Astra razor blades that worked well in the razor and got a nice close shave.

Shave Bowl: The shaving bowl is shorter than others that I have tried which allows for more movement of the brush when making a lather. This shorter stance however also means that lather falls out of the inside of the bowl sooner. This could be a pain to some however I didn’t mind wiping the lather back into the bowl every now and then.

My Experience:

I had a good experience with this shave kit from the unboxing experience to actually using the products. It had everything I needed to get a good shave.

You might be asking yourself who this shave kit is for? well, Id say this kit is great for those that are inexperienced as it has all the basics and is a great place to start. Heck, even the price its right for a beginner. I also think that although the razor is nothing extremely fancy, I think even the experienced wet shaver would also enjoy this kit. I know I did.


This I think is well priced as Id gladly pay more for this kit. Lucky Francs has priced this at a very affordable $60 USD.  So head on over no one of the links below and pick yourself up a Complete Wet Shaving kit.

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Complete Shave Kit black
Complete Shave Kit gold

Shave Set black
Shave Set gold

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