Lucky Francs De Razor


This De Rasor was sent to me by Lucky Francs as part of his Complete Wet Shave Kit. The kit included this De safety razor, a shave bowl, shave brush, Shave Soap, and 5 Razor Blades. I will add the links to those as they get written to the bottom of this review. This post, however, is all about the Double Edge Saftey Razor that came in the kit.



Lucky francs De razor is a three price razor. In order to change the blade, you unscrew the handle from the two-piece head that holds the blade in place. This razor is made in Pakistan and assembled and packaged in the USA.


This razor has a solid brass handle. The two-piece head is an unknown metel (doesn’t say on their site). All three pieces are Powder coated in a nice close to matt black color for a great look as well as to help with corrosion resistance.

My Experience:

I like the design in the hande as well. Its four deep grooves (two by the head and two by the handle bottom) gives it a little extra gripping. In between these deep grooves, there is a  criss-cross pattern in the main holding area.  Both these things provide a good grip so it doesn’t slip or drop out of your hands even with soapy hands.

With its brass handle, it comes in at 3.8 ounces and is very well balanced in the hand. With this nice wieght, it meant that I could just find the right shaving angle for me and didn’t have to push on the razor at all to get a nice clean shave.


I enjoyed my time with this razor. The only issue I found was with the tabs on the razor blade. The tabs do stick out the side of the razor head a bit, Like many de razors you just need to be careful so that the tabs don’t scratch yours ears too badly.


When I first reviewed this razor kid the safety razor was not available by itself which meant you had to buy it in one of the kits. However, I was notified right after I published the review that he was going to sell the De razors separately. You can now get this De Saftey Razor by itself for just $20 USD. (at the time of this post) check the below links for the razor alone as well as the razor in the kits.

Paid Members get a %15 discount from Lucky Francs

Black on Black $20
Gold on Black $20

Razor & Soap $30

Complete Shave Kit $60



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