Lucky Francs Shave Brush


This shave brush was sent to me by Lucky Francs as part of his Complete Wet Shave Kit. The kit included this shave brush, a shave bowl, De Razor, Shave Soap and 5 Razor Blades. I will add the links to those as they get written to the bottom of this review. For now, however, let me tell you about this Shave brush.



This brush has synthetic bristles and has a stainless steel handle that is powder coated in black. Due to the handle being stainless steel it weighs in at a hefty 4.8 Oz.

My Experience:

This was the first synthetic bristle brush that I have had so all thoughts and comments are just about this particular brush and my usage experience with it.  when I first started to use this brush the bristles where much tighter then they are now. This caused the center bristles to be higher than the outer ones. this caused the brush to act weird and kinda skip when lathering soap with it. This, however, did not last too long as the bristles relaxed and settled to their current state. I would estimate that that issue only lasted maybe at the most seven times of using it.

Due to the synthetic bristles, this brush dries quickly and holds less water then a natural hair brush does. This took me a few tries to get decent lather as I’m used to my brushes holding more water throughout the lathering prosses. This brush also seemed to hold only more lather inside the bristles then my other brushes did, This isn’t bad or good just an observation I made.

I liked this brush It has nice balance and weight to it and made good lather.


Unfortunately, this brush is only available in the shaving kits that Lucky Francs offers. at least at the time of this post that was the case. Below I have included the links to all four kits this brush is available with. If it becomes available on its own I will update this post.

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Complete Shave Kit black $60

Complete Shave Kit gold $60

Shave Set black $30

Shave Set gold $30

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