Merry Christmas!!


Merry Christmas to you all!!

This time of year I get to thinking about the Christmases past. I think about the excitement as a kid who waited FOREVER for Christmas to come around. I think about how we used to look through the ads and the toys r us magazine and dream of the things we would get on Christmas Eve. I remember how my dad would sit us all down on Christmas eve before opening presents and read use the Christmas story, that is the actual Christmas story about Jesus being born and the wise men and all. I think about the time (actually my first Christmas after being adopted)  that I got a Lego set, not one that I had asked for but a pirate set with something that we didn’t have yet Lego monkeys and parrots! I remember looking at the set thinking wait this isn’t what I asked for but then I saw the monkey in the coconut tree and the parrot on the pirate’s hand and well I lost it! I’m talking FULLBLOWN happy tantrum with screaming and flailing arms and everything. to this day I’m not sure if it was actually the lego set that set me off or the realization that I was opening great presents with a family MY FAMILY. I remember feeling like I didn’t deserve the presents that year (and many after) because they had already given me the best gift of all, a loving and caring family.

something you need to know is I was a hot potato child that means I was passed around the family quite a bit when I was little I stayed with my aunts and uncles and their kids and I would stay at my grandma’s then back to my Birth mothers place but I never stayed anywhere for too long of a time. For me that first Christmas is when things kinda set in that I was there to stay I got treated just like the others did I got just as good of gifts as the other kids did. Now I’m not saying I didn’t get treated the same at my aunts and uncles places but I wasn’t there long enough for them to get to know me and what I liked, Heck I was a kid I barely knew what I liked. When my other family couldn’t take me my aunt and uncle that had already adopted several kids said they would take me under the condition of adoption. and just like that, I had a family a rather LARGE family 3 brothers 3 sisters to be exact. That Christmas was the first time I saw a large Christmas tree with that many presents under it.    This time of year I also think about how much has changed since then. Back then I hated getting clothes for Christmas I saw it as a wasted gift but now Id love to get a good pair of pants lol I suppose that’s all a part of growing up, We tend to want needs instead of wanting wants. This time Of year I am especially thankful for the family I have and the life, good and bad that I have lived.

I hope that you all can look back and have as good of memories as I have and if not please remember its never to late to start making great ones. I hope you are all able to spend the holidays with family and friends and that you have a stress free Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!!!


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