Moustache Wax by Apothecary 87


When I contacted Apothecary 7 I was requesting to review a couple of there items but what I got was a lot of there products to review. I will be reviewing them all eventually, however, today Im taking a look at their Moustache wax (yes im spelling it as they do for this review).


This moustache wax like all of Apothecary 87s products came in a cardboard box. The box has the name of the product on the front, the right and left side contain artistic type photos of men. On the back of the box, you will find the directions of use,  as well as the Ingredients. The ingredients are only located on the box.  Once you open the box you will find an empty area, you can reach down in and lift a flap that the moustache wax container is under.  The container holds 16 grams or about half an ounce of wax. Its made of glass and has a tin screw off lid.


This fragrance is called 1893, Named in honor of the first barber school in the UK.  It has a scent of vanilla and sandalwood. It is a rather strong scent and not one you would want to overdo. However, when used sparingly the scent is a pleasant one that dissipates within an hour and I stop noticing it within about ten minutes after applying.


Apothecary 87 has the ingredients listed in both industry language (scientific) as well as English (common), at least for the ones that have a simpler explanation of what it is.  In many ingredient lists, there are ingredients listed are part of another ingredient. This is common in artificial scents and this product has a few of them, however, Im not going to list them because they are apart of the scents.

the ingredients are: Beeswax, Castor oil, Vitamin E, sandalwood oil and Vanilla oil. The last two are both used as a fragrance


My Experience:

In the 30 days I used this I noticed that it says “Hold: 80 proof” on the container, a clever way of calling it a firm hold wax. However Firm hold is not how I would describe this wax. I have noticed that the American definition and the UK/EU definition tend to be two completely different things. I would have to consider this a medium hold wax.  This has a decent natural-looking hold and I believe is suited better for a smaller and possibly thinner mustache then I have.  As I mentioned in the scent portion of this review It is a stronger smelling wax and it is not meant to use allot in the stache. I found that the more I used the worse my moustache looked as well.  Take this as your warning: if you do use allot you will hate this wax due to the strong floral scent and medium hold. However, if you have a smaller handlebar or just need to get your beard connected moustache to stay out of your mouth this should work well for you.  I found that I did like this was best for just a quick trip to the store or to go run a few errands. I was impressed that even though my stache would get messed up it was very easy to just comb it back into place once back inside and it would look good and still stay where I needed it to.  The main concern that I have with this isn’t the wax but the container it comes in. These small glass containers usually always have a smaller neck then the container and so there is a shoulder inside the container that you can’t get to the product easily. It’s not a huge deal but can be a bit frustrating when the container is about empty.

Overall, I have to say this is a decent wax given the right moustache to apply it to. even though it’s not extreme or firm hold this wax is a decent one especially if you like the natural hold look.


This wax comes in at the $13 range I think it’s worth it even though its only 1/2 oz as long as your stache is like what I explained above. for a longer one, I don’t recommend this wax and there are other options better suited to longer or thicker handle bare moustaches

Apothecary 87 Moustache Wax 1893  $13

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