Naked Armor Beard Balm Review


Naked Armor beard balm is what we are looking at in this review today. Naked Armor sent this to me as a part of the Beard Grooming Kit + Shavette for me to review for you. 

 This beard balm comes In a 2 oz tin with a very clean-looking design, that includes a nice pressed logo on the lid which of course is a standard screw-top lid.

I’m pretty sure there are no added ingredients in this that would add any special sent, however, what I do smell is the grapeseed oil and a little bit of cedar.  It’s not enough of a cedar scent to help it smell particularly good but it doesn’t smell bad or overpowering either.

As for the ingredients, unfortunately, I can’t find them on their website and they’re not on the tin or on the box that it came in. This means that I had to contact the company for the Ingredients list. the list that I got it was pretty much exactly what I I have listed below, however, I’m pretty positive that they missed one when they sent it to me, I’m guessing that would probably be the beeswax as most beard balms have, which gives the balm the thicker texture than oil.

The ingredients are all-natural and include Oregon grape seed, Bergamot, Orange, Cedar, lemon, balm, Melissa Leaf oils, along with vitamin E and jojoba oil


During my time using this Balm I found it to be about a medium to light hold. Once in your palm or on your fingers, the balm seems to melt fairly quickly and makes for a fairly easy application.  although it’s a lighter colored or white balm I didn’t see a change in the color of my goatee whatsoever.  My experience using this was a pretty good one as it’s easy to apply, it melts very quickly just with the heat of the fingers, and applies very nice and evenly in the beard. This beard balm is probably much closer to a light hold than a medium hold, however, I think it does a fairly good job on helping the goatee if it does get out of place it doesn’t take much at all with a comb or a brush just to get it right back into it’s place where it’s supposed to be

As I said it does have a nice look to the tin with its pressed logo,  however, I really would like to see an ingredients list and a how to use this list on a sticker on the back because quite frankly this might be going to somebody that got this beard kit as a gift. If they don’t know what’s in it especially if they’re new to bearding they’re not going to know what to look for next time. I would really like to see naked armor have a little bit better job on their labeling but honestly, the product itself is pretty good and I really did enjoy using it.

Do I think this is worth your money? Well that’s where we get right back into that you can only buy it with the beard kit, So if you’re looking for an all-around beer kit that comes with everything you could possibly need to get your beard looking good, if you need a brush, scissors, beard balm, beard oil, and scissors to trim up your beard  I do think that this for the $70 ASD is actually a pretty good deal, especially for a beginner or as a gift. even the box would make a  fairly nice giftable box.

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