OmniShaver was one of those products that I knew I needed to review. I had first run across OmniShaver a while back when it was on Kickstarter. At first, I was tempted to get ahold of them, however, I don’t typically review kickstart products. I waited awhile and then ran across them again when they were shipping out –  you could buy it and it gets fulfilled right away from there kickstart page. I contacted them and they were nice and sent me out their Premium OmniShaver Kit. The Premium Kit is what I used for about two months. There is a lot to this review so this will be a long one.


I usually comment on this, however, they are currently redoing all of their packaging and what I received mine in was meant to be temporary to keep the product safe during transport.


The cage and pivoting cross (suspension) of the OmniShaver are made with recycled plastic. The head (shaving surface) is made of triple plated steel.  Wikipedia states that triple plating is steel plated with copper then nickel and lastly the chrome plating that gives the head its mirror-like finish.


The OmniShaver’s shaving head has two sets of blades. Each blade or set of blades has five (5) razors each. These blades face each other so that only one set is cutting at a time. The head of the razor is attached to a pivoting cross inside the cage. This gives the head four (4) direction pivoting action including forward, back, left and right. Due to the layout of the cross, it also gives some movement between the main directions as well.


This razor has instructions –  eight (8) of them actually. Some of them are simple, like use some type of lubricant (shave butter) and rinse when finished, and then there are important ones like #4 that is all about how to apply a stroke of the razor. It has the fact that you must apply pressure to the blade and that each stroke should be about 2-3 inches long back and forth. Then there is #5 that was a hard one for me as it stated not to rinse your razor while shaving. If you purchase yourself one, I highly suggest reading the instructions completely a couple of times. It is easy to use once you know what you’re doing with it.


The Premium Kit comes with a holder with a suction cup to hold the razor in the shower. For travel, it also comes with a clamshell type holder as well. Both work well and allow the razor to properly dry.



I must admit that when I got this razor I was skeptical. I had been using another head shaver for the last 15 years and was not sure how something could compare to that. That’s when I realized I could not go into this review comparing the two. If I was to make an honest review, I would have to go into it as if I had not used any other head shaver. This is exactly what I did.

My Experience:

Learning to use the OmniShaver was fairly simple once I understood its concept and how it worked.  Holding the razor took a minute or two to get it figured out for it to be comfortable for me. The shaving part I’d say took maybe 3-4 times before I was comfortable with it.


I found that the razor did a decent job of giving me a nice, close shave and even got the dips I have in the back of my head that my other razor has some trouble with. Also, I found that this works much better on shorter stubble. I would suggest if you’re planning on this being your main razor, that you shave every day to every other day. It worked okay on days after that but it did take much longer and I found myself shaving twice to get it all.

The OmniShaver really does like a slick head and for that, I used the Omnishave Butter. This gives it a nice slick shave as I was going back and forth with the blade. To be honest, for over half the time that I used it, I kept forgetting not to rinse the blade out (a hard habit to break). However, I have to say that, you don’t need to rinse it out as the shave butter and the hairs just kinda go up into the cage/handle of the OmniShaver; the razor is self-cleaning. Because of this, I highly suggest not trying a thick shave cream or lathered shave soap with this as it probably won’t work well.  Now the instructions say to soak the Premium shaver in hot water to warm the metal shaving head, I, however, am a rebel and just ran it under my shower water for about 15-20 seconds and that warmed it up nicely and it stayed warm the entire time shaving.

Side View


I found that it’s easy to hold and I got used to its ergonomics quickly. While talking to the owner over email, I have found out that he has gotten unexpected emails from customers with stroke and Parkinson’s disabilities that have a hard time with other razors. These clients are now able to shave again and they have their dignity back. That is HUGE and I can definitely see how its cage would be easier for some people with gripping disabilities to handle.

The only issue I have with the cage is that the top rim of it is a bit on the sharp side. I found that this could scratch an ear when trying to go around it. It did scratch me a little but never even close to drawing blood.  John the owner and creator of OmniShaver explained to me that this is for gripping purposes and even how the arrows on top of the cage protrude a bit from the cage itself is all a grip feature. This explanation, however, does not change my mind, but glad there is a reason for it and it’s really not that big of a deal. The cage itself gives a good amount of grip while still allowing for water to get through it well when rinsing.


I addressed these claims in the video and will address the ones that I haven’t already covered above here. I did my best to not compare this razor to any other however for this section there will be times that I do for comparison reasons.

Saves time: I could see how if I shaved every day to every day; this may be true compared to a regular cartridge style disposable razor. But I have to say that anything past that 1-2 days took me longer than with my other head shaver. I was about even when it came to the 1-2 day stubble, it was about the same I think (I’ll test this in a future review)

Saves money: As of right now, I’m not convinced of the savings since every 3-4 months I would have to buy a whole new one instead of just changing the blades. (replaceable blades are in the works so this may change) I think that I would break even however, compared to a regular cartridge razor.

Saves Our Planet: The cage is made from recycled plastic, so that is good. You also don’t have to run the water or fill the sink while shaving since you’re not supposed to rinse it while shaving. Since the blades last longer than other disposable/cartridge razors, it’s fewer cartridges in the landfills.

Lasts longer than other blades: I would have to disagree with that statement when it comes to my other head shaver. Id say that they are about the same. This one may last a little bit longer but not enough to make much difference. But, when compared to regular cartridge shaver, I’d say it does last longer by a long shot.

Self Strop: The claim the shaver is that as you are shaving that the razor strops itself sharp again. I think there may be a small amount of realigning of the blades going on with the razor, however, being as how it’s only happening on one side and on the skin (not hard like leather or fabric) I can’t consider it a true stroping. I think that would be up to you to decide if it was or not.

Final Thoughts:

I think if you shave every 1-2 days, give the OmniShaver a shot. There is a good chance you will like it. If you have an irregular shave schedule though, like I do, this one is good but maybe not the best option for you. Since I have been talking to John over email since this review came out, I understand why he has done things the way he has and my opinion may have changed slightly.  Most of what I have said in the video review I still agree with.  John has told me about a few new products that he has coming out this year and I look forward to reviewing them as well for you.


The OmniShaver Premium comes in at $20 USD. I think that this is a fair price considering it has a heavy metal head and does a good job along with lasting awhile. If you are looking for something a bit cheaper you might want to try the OmniShaver Original (link not given). I suggest getting the Kit that includes everything you need to get a great shave.

Omnishaver Premium Kit   $39.99

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