Peter’s Beard Brush


Peter’s Beard brush is a smaller brush made of cherry wood and Horsehair. This brush is compact and does not have a handle. It comes in a travel tin so you don’t get gunk on it when in your travel bag. I Like the tin because you never know when your toothpaste might pop open or your jell. Man, that would not be fun having that stuff in your beard brush.

The bristles are packed fairly tight. Unfortunately, this makes it so when brushing the lower part of the beard it just kinda pushes it instead of brushing through it. However, one way I found to make it brush through is to use my hand as a backing on the opposite side of the beard then the brush.  I think this beard brush would be optimum for a shorter business type beard or long stable where there would be skin underneath the hair as backing for the bristles.  With the fairly soft Horsehair, this brush is very well suited for this type of beard as it does not scratch the skin while still brushing through your beard with ease.

The compact size is comfortable in the hand and can be held with eas whatever way is most comfortable for you. I think this brush would fit comfortably no matter what size your hands have.

to learn more about this brush watch the video review I did below.


Peter’s beard Brush $5

Brush & comb set $8

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