Ranger Beard OIl Review



Ranger sent this to me to review in a 1-ounce container with your standard little dropper laid here. The oil is in a  regular glass container.

The scent is of spiced Sandalwood it is not an overpowering sense however it is a fairly strong scent but once it dries on your beard or goatee it definitely tames down however it does last quite a while throughout the day. Ranger has two other since as well one is escaped Cedarwood and the one that I really want to try is called Juniper Sage. I liked this scent that was sent to me and am happy with how long it lasted.

ingredients in this are so simple I’m pretty sure I can count them all on one hand. The ingredients just include jojoba oil, Oregon, rosehip oils and essential oils which I’m guessing is for the scent. With only 5 ingredients I am a fan especially since its all organic.

My experience using the ranger beard oil was a fairly good one, I have really no complaints about it whatsoever. I did find that the dropper however actually sucks up about 3/4 of the little tube which I find to be absolutely fantastic cuz I hate double-dipping it just to get more for my goatee. 

This is a lightweight oil. I usually don’t mention the weight of the oil but this time I am because you definitely want to make sure that your hand is level when you put it in your hand or it’s just going to roll off before you know what happened to it so definitely just kind of be conscious of that.

I found that it absorbs into it skin underneath my goatee and into my goatee just like any other beard oil and doesn’t leave an oily residue or feel to it whatsoever.

Do I think that Ranger beard oil is worth your money well considering that it’s only about $16 I think that it is a fair price for this beard oil especially if you’re looking for something that’s all-natural. I don’t think that $16 at this comes in at is really that outrageous considering I have reviewed other beard oils that are right about the same price end of the same quality as Rangers 

Get your scent at the links Below

Price $16USD

Spiced Sandalwood

Escape Cedarwood


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