Ranger Mustache Wax Review


In this review, I’m going to be going over Ranger mustache wax.  The Ranger name is actually a product line by Leven Rose, a company that has been around for awhile producing mostly feminine products like lotions and shampoos. and they’re the ones that sent me this mustache wax to review for you.

mustache wax comes in a hefty 2 oz tin with a half-turn screw off lid. 

This was sent to me in the fragrance-free scent and I do have to say besides the very light scent of the natural ingredients that it really doesn’t have much scent at all, and in fact, I really don’t smell it at all after applying it right to my mustache.  if you like your mustache wax to have a scent they do also sell this in a spiced Sandalwood. 

Along with the natural scent that this has it also has an all-natural ingredient which makes a pretty simple ingredients list consisting of just Beeswax, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Avocado Oil, and Argan oil.

This Wax is applied like you do any other,  by getting a little bit on your thumbnail then rubbing the wax in between your finger and your thumb, Then working your way from the inside by your nose out toward the tips.  I did notice that with this particular product that you definitely don’t want to warm it up as much as you might be tempted to with some other products. I found that if you warm it up too much it seems to lose its holding power until it starts to cool down again so if you have a decent-sized handlebar like I do it definitely helps to leave it a little bit on the cold side.

I found that this is much more of a natural hold wax, I would consider this to be on the lighter side of medium if not a light hold wax. You’re not going to be doing any large handlebars or any intricate shaping with this mustache wax as it’s just not really meant for that and I do think it actually makes a pretty good shaping wax for the goatee or a beard because it’s probably on the stronger side of a beard balm. I do have to say that it actually holds a natural hold look or a natural curl a fairly well in my mustache

Now with it also being a little bit of an oilier wax then some of the other ones that I’ve tried in the past. I did notice that it does help just kind of check right around the nose area and to make sure that there aren’t any oily spots on my cheeks after styling the stache.

 Now do I think that this 2-ounce container is worth your money? Well quite honestly if you’ve got a big old handlebar like mine that you like to style delicately or really precisely I would have to say probably not. However, if you’re looking for a little bit of detail in your beard-stash or you just have a much smaller stash than I do I’d have to say that for the $14 at this comes in at it is probably well worth your money. 

Price: $14 USD

Ranger mustache wax

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