Savvy Jack Mustache Wax Review


A few months ago I got a message from Mike, he asked me to review a new mustache wax he came up with and named Savvy Jack. Now I don’t typically review startups or new products because there are allot of here today gone tomorrow companies in the men’s grooming space. However, after taking a look at Savvy Jacks’ site and seeing that he had put time into it along with having all the right ingredients in the wax I decided to go ahead and give it a shot. So after a few backs and forth messages and emails he sent me out a package with his new wax inside. Here are my findings in the month of use.


This just might be one of my favorite packaging jobs yet. Its simple yet gives a great experience to unveil the product. You see Savvy Jack wax is sent in a small square flat brown mailer envelope. Once you open it there is a card inside that has his logo on the front. When you unfold this card you end up with the usage directions both for the mustache and bullet lube on the top part and the product in the center of the bottom half. Around the product is the ingredients list with a picture of the product.  It’s just simple yet elegant in its own way and definitely fits the personality of this product and company.


This wax has no scents added so it’s an all-natural scent, however, the cocoa butter definitely stands out and gives this wax a very pleasant chocolate scent. It is a mild scent that you get used to very quickly and I never smelled it again throughout the day while using it.


With only five (5) ingredients this is a very easy list to type out especially since they are all-natural.

This wax contains: Beeswax, Pine Resin, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, and Jojoba oil


Applying this to the stache is like applying any other stronghold mustache wax. One plus, however, is that it can be applied without any additional heat source. All you need to do to warm this up for application is hold it in your hands or pocket for a few minutes. With this wax, a little goes a long way so don’t overdo it.

My Experience:

To be completely honest with you this wax is one of my new favorites. I like the mild scent and the all-day stronghold that this wax provides. Not to mention the price is set perfectly. I found that although you can apply this wax without the use of a blowdryer or heat source it definitely helps the prosses go a little smoother and quicker when applying. I found that you could easily whare this wax two (2) days in a row and just need a small touch up on the second (2nd) day and it would look just as good as the first. I would say this is the outdoorsman’s mustache wax. It holds tight has no strong scents added to scare away game, it holds well in all weather with me only needing to make few adjustments after being in the wind.  I have worn a few different ways when out canoeing now and I have to say this one performed very well.

Unfortunately as far as if it does work as a bullet lube like it claims I can not tell you for sure, as don’t have the capabilities of testing it. However, the research I did to look at others I am sure that it would work well. Although it would be more expensive then regular lubes typically used for black powder and smokeless ammunition.




I can not complain at all with how Mike has priced this Savvy Jake wax. Not only is it priced perfectly but due to the packaging shipping anywhere in the Continental US is just $2 !!! yup can’t beat a great product that is under $15 with shipping

Pick yours up below and while you’re there check out his hand made beard combs as well.

Savvy Jack $12.50 USD

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