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Today I want to talk about Social Media and why You should follow 30 day Reviews.

We have this site, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter , you should follow us on them all! why? well below you will find the link and a description of what we do on each of our social media sites Here on this site is where you can see all my reviews on Youtube as well as shop amazon products that I have reviewed or would like to review. I plan on also having written reviews by others as well as myself that you won’t see anywhere else.

Youtube. This is where I post all my weekly reviews as well as Vlogs and Diy projects that I am working on. both the vlog and Diy projects will not be listed here on the site, however, I may talk about them in Blog posts.

Facebook Is where I put up posts about the reviews if they will be posted late or ask questions pertaining to the Blog posts and other random things

Twitter is where You can get a sneak peek at what I will be reviewing on youtube and in written reviews before they come out. This will also let you know when I put out a video.

The best way to support 30dayreviews without spending any money is to follow and subscribe to our social media sites. As you can see you will get something different from each of our sites. The value to you will only get better as we get and the more used to keeping up on the sites we get.

UPDATE: 1/2/2019

Instagram after I wrote this post I discovered the joys of Instagram so I am now over there as well. I post product pictures and other stuff over there so check it out as well.  You can find me at 30day_reviews



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